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MSC offers these organizational development services. Please get in touch with us today to learn how Marta Siberio Consulting can help your future success.


MSC’s principal has extensive experience in developing strategic plans with organizations,  from small community-based agencies and family foundations to national membership and advocacy groups.  Some groups may be new to the process, while others already have deep experience in strategy and planning. For each project, MSC develops tailored approaches to engage stakeholders so that the right conversations can take place:  those that lead to clear pathways for decision-making about strategy and future direction.


MSC’s principal — Marta Siberio — is a seasoned facilitator, skilled at  guiding diverse groups to address complex issues and make difficult decisions, while maintaining momentum, engagement and a focus on desired outcomes.  Under our excellent facilitation, groups are able to take up conflict, uncertainty, and resistance in conversations. Everyone is heard, and the creativity of the group emerges.


MSC’s approach to coaching is highly pragmatic. We teach individuals to be better leaders through a structured 6-month program of skill building, grounded in practice and feedback that fosters growing self-awareness and self-regulation. MSC listens to individual client circumstances and offers direct, honest feedback and actionable suggestions that lead to change.


Through our extensive experience with high-performing organizations, MSC has assembled  an expansive toolkit of tactics and strategies to build teams. Drawing on our insights into leadership and organizational dynamics, we tailor interventions that allow teams to reach their potential.


MSC conducts inclusive, thorough and quick assessments of organizations. By  surfacing the right balance of high-level takeaways and nuances,  we generate creative and viable restructuring plans.

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